Master Guide to Wedding Photography

Author: rombik
Published: 07-05-2013, 22:35

Master Guide to Wedding Photography
Pdf | Amherst Media | Marcus Bell | Eng | 129 Pages | 2007 | Isbn 978-1-58428-197-9 | 4.67 Mb

While there are some classic standouts, most of the images are stiff and lack any display of emotion. The images are usually yellowish, sometimes torn, or permanently attached to the glass in the very old frame. Rarely were the images presented in an album; those images that were presented in an album were typically attached to the pages using glued tags that have long since lost their adhesive qualities. Sometimes the images are scat-tered through different parts of the family and do not show the story of the wedding day. There was certainly some beautiful portraiture done of weddings, and the few wedding albums that exist are very classic in their structure.

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