Poison’s Genesis She Gen [New links]

Author: RiseFallen
Published: 26-12-2012, 18:35

Poison’s Genesis She Gen [New links]

Poison's Genesis She Gen | 1.43 MB
The new Genesis concept now also reached the female genitalia. A versatile figure that will fit to all Genesis chars, with several morphs that allow sculpt the desired shape.

Additionally, there is a layered Pubic Hair figure to add more realism to your renders.
The pack contains 33 genitalia morphs , 1 Genesis morph to allow the perfect fit, 6 transparencies to the pubic hair, a script to apply color presets and the metadata file that will facilitate the access to the figures and presets.

The genitalia is UVmapped to use any previous V4 texture set, so all you need to do is apply the same texture to Genesis and to the genital.

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