JoeAlter Shave & a Haircut 8.0v01

Author: gfxwww
Published: 21-07-2013, 00:26
JoeAlter Shave & a Haircut 8.0v01 (Maya 2012/2013/2013.5/2014)

Peregrine Labs Yeti v1.2.16 x64

Author: gfxwww
Published: 18-07-2013, 04:36
Peregrine Labs Yeti v1.2.16 x64
Yeti is the industry’s leading product to produce fur, feathers and generate a large number of items based around familiar working concepts of a procedural node graph directly within Autodesk’s Maya.

Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro & Mocha AE v3.2.0.6865

Author: gfxwww
Published: 17-07-2013, 05:53
Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro & Mocha AE v3.2.0.6865 (Win64) (CS4/CS5/CS6/CC)

Ginger HDR v2013-06-07 for AE & Premiere Pro x64

Author: gfxwww
Published: 17-07-2013, 00:46
Ginger HDR v2013-06-07 for After Effects and Premiere Pro (Win64)

The Foundry Kronos 5.0v3 AE Win64

Author: gfxwww
Published: 16-07-2013, 05:56
The Foundry Kronos 5.0v3 AE Win64

GPU Accelerated Retiming Plug-in for After Effects®

The Foundry has created a Hollywood quality CUDA GPU accelerated retiming plug-in based on their Academy Award®-winning FURNACE algorithms: KRONOS 5.0. Use KRONOS for retiming, speed-ramping, time-remapping and slow-motion effects, plus the addition of realistic motion blur.

SolidThinking – EVOLVE & INSPIRE 9.5 – Win32/Win64

Author: gfxwww
Published: 16-07-2013, 05:00
Golaem Crowd v2.5.0.1 For Maya 2012 – 2014 – Win64Creating visually compelling and believable crowds, when budgets are shrinking and timescales are getting shorter, can be a challenge. It is not only important to represent the crowd behavior as a whole, but the appearance and motions of each individual must be believable.

Foundry CameraTracker 1.0v7

Author: gfxwww
Published: 16-07-2013, 04:04
zg2qocaex23u_t.jpgThe Foundry CameraTracker 1.0v7
CameraTracker for After Effects® allows you to pull 3D motion tracks and matchmoves without having to leave AE. It analyses the source sequence and extracts the original camera’s lens and motion parameters, allowing you to composite 2D or 3D elements correctly with reference to the camera used to film the shot.

ArtVps ShaderLight 2.4.3 For SketchUp Pro 2013 Win

Author: gfxwww
Published: 12-07-2013, 12:15
ArtVps ShaderLight 2.4.3 For SketchUp Pro 2013 – Win32/Win64Shaderlight for SketchUp Rendering Software
Take your SketchUp models to the next level with Shaderlight

ShaderWorks Library Manager

Author: Alexpal
Published: 12-07-2013, 11:54

ShaderWorks Library Manager | 4 Mb

ShaderWorks Library Manager is an extremely powerfull library manager for Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010. This new version (March 16, 2010) introduces new features (browsing files on your hard drive) and resolves bugs. Some of the new features can be found in the Service Release 1 teaser.
The script was developed with the user in mind, made to increase the work flow, multiple selection (folders and files), load, conform and magnetize clothes in one click, apply multiple materials on their corresponding figures automatically (you don't need to go through each item of clothing - the script automatically detects where the MAT pose or material collection should be applied).

Artakan Create Stairs 2.3.0 For 3ds Max – Win

Author: gfxwww
Published: 11-07-2013, 15:56
Artakan Create Stairs 2.3.0 For 3ds Max – Win
Changes in version 2.3.0 :

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