Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible

Author: RCDFX
Published: 01-05-2013, 15:55

Brad Dayley, DaNae Dayley, "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible"
English | ISBN: 1118123883 | edition 2012 | PDF | 1104 pages | 74.5 MB

The comprehensive, soup-to-nuts guide to Photoshop, fully updated
Photoshop CS6, used for both print and digital media, is the industry leader in image-editing software. The newest version adds some exciting new features, and this bestselling guide has been revised to cover each of them, along with all the basic information you need to get started. Learn to use all the tools, including the histogram palette, Lens Blur, Match Color, and the color replacement tool, as well as keyboard shortcuts. Then master retouching and color correction, work with Camera Raw images, prepare photos for print or the web, and much more.

Solidworks 2013 Bible By Matt Lombard

Author: RCDFX
Published: 26-04-2013, 02:26

Solidworks 2013 Bible By Matt Lombard
2013 | 129 Pages | ISBN: 1118508408 | EPUB + PDF | 54 MB + 229 MB

A comprehensive resource packed with information for both beginners and advanced users
SolidWorks is the leading 3D solid modeling software used in computer-aided design. It's powerful but not simple. This complete guide introduces beginners to the software but then goes far beyond, covering numerous details that advanced users have requested. Beginners will learn not only how the software works but why, while more experienced users will learn all about search criteria, Pack-and-Go, other file management concepts, and much more. A valuable companion website contains before and after real-world parts and assemblies along with many example files used in the text. Additionally, the text of the book is augmented by video tutorials with author voice-over which can be found on the website.

Fearless Flash: Use Adobe InDesign CS5 and the Too

Author: RCDFX
Published: 23-04-2013, 18:33

Fearless Flash: Use Adobe InDesign CS5 and the Tools You Already Know to Create Engaging Web Documents By Claudia McCue
2010 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0321734823 | PDF | 13 MB

InDesign CS5 opens the door to a new world: with the addition of exciting animation tools and deeper multimedia support. It's now a viable interactive authoring tool. Designers want to create engaging interactive content, but may resist making the transition from page layout to timeline-based thinking. But now it's much easier: InDesign CS5's new interactive features are intuitive and easy to learn. And once they've mastered those tools in the familiar world of InDesign, they'll find that Flash isn't scary after all. Designers already know how to add text, graphics, and geometric shapes to a page in InDesign, it's a short walk to adding interactive features. Before they know it, they're creating Flash content.

The Art of Poser and Photoshop: The Official e-frontier Guide [New links]

Author: pariman
Published: 26-02-2013, 19:44

The Art of Poser and Photoshop: The Official e-frontier Guide [New links]

Stephen Burns "The Art of Poser and Photoshop: The Official e-frontier Guide"
ISBN: 1598634313 | 2008-11-26 | 488 pages | PDF | 38 MB

Expand your digital art possibilities with Poser Pro and Photoshop CS4! If you are a digital artist who has been frustrated with the limitations and confusing interfaces of 3D software products in the past, "The Art of Poser and Photoshop: The Official Guide" will show you how to harness the dynamic capabilities of both Poser and Photoshop to create fascinating and unique imagery. Using Poser Pro’s intuitive approach and its extensive library of characters, props, and environments you can focus on the creative aspects of 3D modeling. Then, using the sophisticated functionality of Photoshop CS4, you can enhance and perfect your creation, adding texture, animating layers, applying light, and more. Every chapter features full-color tutorials to guide you through the process of using each product to create an imaginative work of art from beginning to end. And all images used in the tutorials are available for download on the book’s companion website. Get ready to maximize your artistic vision with "The Art of Poser and Photoshop: The Official Guide!"

Adobe InDesign CS6 Revealed

Author: Alexpal
Published: 20-02-2013, 19:39

Adobe InDesign CS6 Revealed
Chris Botello | 2012 | TRUE PDF | ISBN: 1133815219 | 624 pages | 107 Mb

Graphic design professionals and design students alike have embraced Adobe InDesign as the industry standard for page layout software--and they're mastering it with ADOBE INDESIGN CS6 REVEALED. A thorough, in-depth exploration of the latest release, this highly visual book covers all the fundamental concepts, starting with the workspace and proceeding logically and intuitively to more advanced topics. Chock full of new lessons covering new features, this edition retains its step-by-step tutorials and user-friendly design, resulting in a resource that is comprehensive, clear, and effective. The Data Files used to complete the projects found in the book are now available online. For access information please refer to the directions available in the preface of the book.

Jennifer Smith and AGI Creative Team, “Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom”

Author: Alexpal
Published: 20-02-2013, 19:38

Jennifer Smith and AGI Creative Team, "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom"
English | ISBN: 1118123891 | 2012 | PDF, EPUB | 448 pages | 66 + 39 MB

The Digital Classroom series combines a full-color book with a full-featured DVD, resulting in a complete training package written by expert instructors. Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing, and this guide gets photographers, commercial designers, web developers, fine artists, and serious hobbyists up to speed on the newest version. It includes 13 self-paced lessons that allow you to progress at your own speed, with complete lesson files and tutorials on the DVD. Topics include Camera RAW, masks and layers, retouching, and much more.
A self-paced way to learn the newest version of Photoshop, the essential image-editing software used by professional photographers, web developers, and graphic designers
Features full-color, step-by-step instructions in the book plus additional tutorials and lesson files on the DVD
Developed by a team of Adobe Certified Instructors and Photoshop experts who have created many of the official training titles for Adobe Systems
Covers Adobe Bridge, Camera RAW, masks and layers, painting and retouching, and selections and layers, taking you through basic and intermediate-level topics

George Omura, “Mastering AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD LT 2011”

Author: Alexpal
Published: 17-02-2013, 15:01

George Omura, "Mastering AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD LT 2011"
English | 2010 | ISBN: 0470621974 | 1248 pages | PDF | 74.31 MB

Go beyond AutoCAD essentials to create amazing 2D and 3D technical drawings
AutoCADis the leading drawing software used by design and drafting professionals to create 2D and 3D technical drawings. Mastering AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT guides you through AutoCAD essentials using concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projects for both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.
You'll understand the basics of the interface and drafting tools, as well as how to effectively use hatches, fields, and tables.
Details attributes, dynamic blocks, drawing curves, and solid fills, as well as exploring 3D modeling and imaging
Explores the fully revised 3D rendering features and the new 3D Surface modeling tools
Covers the new 2D features like the updated Hatch tools, object transparency and Isolate/Hide objects
Discusses customization and integration, as well as useful tools and utilities

AGI Creative Team, “Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Digital Classroom”

Author: Alexpal
Published: 17-02-2013, 14:58

AGI Creative Team, "Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Digital Classroom"
English | ISBN: 1118124081 | 2012 | PDF, EPUB | 480 pages | 44 + 35 MB

Full-color book and video package teaches you Flash in a flash!
If you want to design and maintain dynamic websites with Adobe Flash, this full-color book-and-video training package from expert instructors is the perfect place to start. Fifteen self-paced, step-by-step lessons are accompanied by video tutorials, and this powerful combination helps you master the basics, acquire essential skills, and learn what's new. Making all aspects of Flash less intimidating, this superb training tool covers topics such as using layers to build animation sequences, creating interactive web components with ActionScript, and much more.
Uses full-color, step-by-step lessons in the book accompanied by videos on the DVD for a one-two punch of effective training
Features five-minute videos that demonstrate and further explain the concepts in the lessons
Covers Flash basics, new features in the latest release, and topics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users

Jeremy Osborn and AGI Creative Team, “Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom”

Author: Alexpal
Published: 17-02-2013, 14:56

Jeremy Osborn and AGI Creative Team, "Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom"
English | ISBN: 111812409X | 2012 | PDF, EPUB | 496 pages | 50 + 24 MB

Learn Dreamweaver CS6 at your own speed with this complete training package
Dreamweaver is the industry standard software for professional website design, with more than 90 percent of the market. In this book-and-DVD package, expert instructors provide a complete course in basic Dreamweaver that you can access at your own speed. Step-by-step instructions in the book are supported by lesson files and video tutorials on the DVD, presenting the newest version of Dreamweaver in 16 self-paced lessons. You'll learn to use style sheets, dynamic HTML, multimedia, databases, and much more to design, develop, and maintain your website.

Jennifer Smith, “Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium Digital Classroom”

Author: Alexpal
Published: 17-02-2013, 14:53

Jennifer Smith, "Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium Digital Classroom"
English | ISBN: 1118124057 | 2012 | EPUB | 896 pages | 18 MB

Expert book-and-video package gives you complete training on Creative Suite 6 Design Premium!
The next best thing to having your own private instructor guiding you through Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium at your own pace is this terrific book-and-video training tool from the expert instructors at AGI. More than 25 self-paced lessons teach you the basics of page layout, vector graphics, photo editing, document management, web design, animation, file management, and much more. Each step-by-step lesson is accompanied by exercises and video tutorials to make the concepts and techniques crystal clear.

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