Tree Mega Bundle for Vue

Author: Alexpal
Published: 09-08-2013, 09:51

Tree Mega Bundle for Vue | 80 Mb

Renderosity 3D Collection. Part I-II. Rarities models + Bonus

Author: Alexpal
Published: 06-08-2013, 10:15

Renderosity 3D Collection. Part I-II. Rarities models + Bonus
3D Models | DAZ/Poser | 800 + 520 + 1100 Models | 10.7 + 10 + 20 Gb

Renderosity provides a wide variety of Poser products loaded with style and originality. Renderosity has one of the largest and most diverse marketplaces on the web for digital content. Create a your 3D-scene of magical elegance! See full list of models under cut.

Star city I. - Hangar [New links]

Author: Alexpal
Published: 26-07-2013, 19:21

Star city I. - Hangar [New links]

Star city I. - Hangar | 11 Mb

"Star city - Hangar" is add-on for Starcity I. models pack, but of course, can be used separately.
Hangar was service building used for aircraft parking and maintenance.

The Beffroi

Author: Alexpal
Published: 14-07-2013, 22:33

The Beffroi | 95 Mb

"The Beffroi" is a construction set with photographic textures including one big tower with clock, four beautiful medieval houses and a ground. "The Beffroi" is a very nice realistic background for your medieval characters.

City Depths Volume 1 [New links]

Author: Alexpal
Published: 11-07-2013, 16:59

City Depths Volume 1 [New links]

City Depths Volume 1 | 910 Mb

City Depths Volume 1 takes you to a new level: below ground! Below the Old City lies another world, shrouded in mist and mystery.
The City Depths series introduces a new paradigm in 3D models, designed to work together using a pre-defined connection system we call MeshConnect �. MeshConnect models contain uniform connections between sections, allowing you much greater flexibility in creating custom configurations using pieces found in each set. In addition, connection pieces can be found between each set, allowing each model to infinitely expand upon the next.
Each model includes a 4000x4000 texture map, 4000x4000 bump map, a 3DS model format version, a Poser 5+ Compatible PP2 Prop, a Bryce 5 demo model and Vue 5+ VOB object.

* CD1V101 City Depths: Underground Reservoir
* CD1V102 City Depths: Sewer Access System
* CD1V103 City Depths: The Black Market
* CD1V104 City Depths: The Flushing Station
* CD1V105 City Depths: Smuggler's Hall
* CD1V106 City Depths: Smuggler's Port
* CD1V107 City Depths: The Abandoned Catacombs
* CD1V108 City Depths: Hidden Temple of Set

P.S. Yes, it has been posted on the GFX. But all links are dead. By popular demand I reupload and brought all in one post.

Allied Fleets G34 Research Base [New links]

Author: Alexpal
Published: 11-07-2013, 14:58

Allied Fleets G34 Research Base [New links]

Allied Fleets G34 Research Base | 31 Mb

This is a highly detailed 3D (OBJ format) model of a science-fiction space station.
The high detail level serves two purposes: communicate a sense of scale, and allow for realistic closeups.

Medieval Castle [New links]

Author: Alexpal
Published: 10-07-2013, 14:45

Medieval Castle [New links]

Medieval Castle | 4 Mb

A huge medieval castle, complete with a bridge and numerous towers. Excellent as the focus of feudal period scenery, or a fantasy landscape. All you need is a princess or a few dragons! 71,758 Polygons.

Seatraveler * [New links]

Author: qwbngdv
Published: 05-07-2013, 16:40

Seatraveler * [New links]

Seatraveler * | 16 Mb

Requirements: program able to import 3ds format

Flinks Tree2

Author: Alexpal
Published: 05-07-2013, 14:30

Flinks Tree2 | 13 Mb

Flink´s BlossomTree

Author: Alexpal
Published: 05-07-2013, 14:28

Flink´s BlossomTree | 17 Mb

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