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Autograss 1.0 x32Bit & 64Bit For 3DsMax 2011, 2010, 2009 [New links] - By Play_dvd_BOY's

Category: Software Plugins 3ds Max / Published: 10-07-2010, 23:39

Autograss 1.0 x32Bit & 64Bit For 3DsMax 2011, 2010, 2009 [New links]

Autograss 1.0 x32Bit & 64Bit For 3DsMax 2011, 2010, 2009

Autograss is your one-click grass solution for V-Ray

Select your object, click Autograss, and you're done. You've got photorealistic grass that renders in V-Ray for 3ds Max.

Advanced multi-threaded memory management

Autograss uses Happy Digital's advanced memory management system. That means Autograss uses only a fixed amount of RAM no matter how much grass is in the scene, whether it's a one-acre lawn or an entire golf course. No crashes, no nonsense. And it's fully multi-threaded, so all your cores are driven to their full potential.
Realistic grass presets

Autograss includes eleven preset grass types covering the most commonly used grasses. You don't need to model any grass. The scientists at Happy Digital studied radiometrically calibrated photographs to ensure the grass presets have true-to-life shape and color when used with V-Ray's physical cameras and sun / sky system, from sunrise to sunset. In addition to these presets, Autograss provides you with mapping and variation to produce special effects like worn-out trails and lawnmower paths.

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Download Autograss 1.0 x32Bit & 64Bit For 3DsMax 2011, 2010, 2009 [New links] at high speed!

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Autograss 1.0 x32Bit & 64Bit For 3DsMax 2011, 2010, 2009

245iio0.jpg Download

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SGothic posted on 01-05-2010, 15:26

Thanks Play_DVD's_Boy!!!!! All the people on gfxworld (and other gfx sites) were expecting for that....thanks .....a million!!!!

SGothic posted on 01-05-2010, 17:35

Crashes on my 3dmax 2009x32 + Vray 1.5sp2 when render!!!!.....anyone with a solution?????

SGothic posted on 01-05-2010, 23:31

Hey Twoshoes.....I tried on Win7 x64 with max2009x64 + Vray 1.5sp4.....and works great, faster and easy!!!!!!! Thanks twoshoes, Im going to install sp4 on my Xp x32, because the Framework v4. crashes my license of Revit Architectural.. :( Thanks to you Play_DVD_boy's for share all the GFXstuff!!!

berryman13 posted on 01-05-2010, 23:34

Considering you uploaded them on your own accounts and didn't mention us in the OP shows us that you want to get rapidshare/hotfile points.

Don't lie about your intentions.

snake_6969 posted on 02-05-2010, 03:31

thanks very good contribution

I tried to install and the keygen does not work tells me I have to have the net framework 4.0.30319

I have installed and still does not work Can you help me


esanti posted on 02-05-2010, 13:14

hey..for Unlimited licences nodes pm to me boys.

berryman13 posted on 02-05-2010, 14:06

Hey esanti, nice copying our work :)

3dglobe posted on 02-05-2010, 14:38

jajajaja.... esanti is the master of darkness!!!..... is my Friend indeed!

snake_6969 posted on 02-05-2010, 14:46

esanti me sigue sin funcionar y me da fallo diciendo que tengo que instalar netframework 4.0.31329, lo he instalado y me sigue dando fallo

ahh eso que dices lo quiero yo tambien
eres un mostruo

berryman13 posted on 02-05-2010, 15:01

If you guys didn't understand my sarcasm -- he cracked nothing. He simply hex edited his name in the title bar of my crack.

esanti posted on 02-05-2010, 17:11

berryman (oblique) you challenge me? Photoshop edit? lol

This is my answer to his challenge. I never lie. I have everything you want. Work together, be humble. Maya wants installers? I have several sets of them .. Mac, Linux and Win. Now children stop fighting.

barmuhobat posted on 02-05-2010, 18:45


berryman13 posted on 02-05-2010, 21:41

Are you really going to tell me you coded that keygen yourself? And you didn't hex out our text and add your own? Then why is there a weird space between the machine ID input box and the toolbar -- there was text there on our keygen.

You lie all the time. You lied about the keygen which was our work, and you lie about releasing yours. Just leave already.

naed_24 posted on 03-05-2010, 00:49

runs fine on max2009...but on max2011_design doesn't

naed_24 posted on 03-05-2010, 01:35

anyone with the same problem?????

magusat999 posted on 03-05-2010, 01:49

Twoshoes: My sentiments exactly (and I came from back then too - when people SHARED warez and profiteereing was frowned upon). Of course there were a lot of people sharing who had no clue that they were (don't let us get your ftp address)... but the point was, we shared and passed it on and THAT is how you got a good name in the community back then.

Kids these days... you can't beat 'em, and you can't shoot them - but you can leave thewm tied up in the basement and let them starve to deat... oh - you can't do that either? Darn it all!

Arch_L posted on 03-05-2010, 06:45

Fuck magusat999

esanti posted on 03-05-2010, 13:23

no is my only photoshoping...dont worry lol

nosset posted on 03-05-2010, 13:58

Don't work on MAX design 2010 x32. Install OK, run Max OK , but no button on Vray objet.I have only "Vray proxy" button

sliver posted on 03-05-2010, 14:01

Thank's !!!!!!!! Play_dvd_BOY's

VFX Artist posted on 04-05-2010, 11:43

Many thanks play dvd boy's & esanti :)

chubby posted on 05-05-2010, 08:58

Thanks a lot for this one.
But is there a way to make it work for 2008 x64? It let's you choose 2008 at installation, but max gives error 127 and can't load the plugin :/

berryman13 posted on 05-05-2010, 23:32

For the last time -- esanti made no crack. The original was posted on cgpersia a week or so. You guys are thick. :)

esanti posted on 06-05-2010, 00:27

yes, is only photoshoping keygen :P

fm112 posted on 23-05-2010, 05:02

not work at max 9 error 127 not load....
somebody know solution?

roshdec posted on 23-05-2010, 07:40

check on max 2009 64bit, rendering fine, but @ the end of rendering max quit with an error, what could me the resion.

esanti posted on 23-05-2010, 10:53

use only Sp3 or superior in Max9, Autograss is programing in Sp3 code.

fm112 posted on 23-05-2010, 11:42

very strange..... i have v-ray 1.5 sp5....
if to believe to provider...

fm112 posted on 23-05-2010, 11:45

but developer of AG give a chance for max9....

lalcol posted on 25-05-2010, 03:56

hi all some one have a keygen plz

Sedh posted on 01-06-2010, 11:00

Thank you for the mirror VFX, but the crack link is dead...

hmfakhri posted on 05-06-2010, 00:24

crack link is dead.. please reupload

bogo posted on 30-06-2010, 07:59

Plase any idea about this? I use max 2011 and vray SP4
autograss_x64_2011.dlo>failed to initialize. Error code 126 - the specified module could not be found

THE Architect posted on 30-06-2010, 10:13

crack links r dead...someone plz reupload...thnx in advance

theomatheus posted on 30-06-2010, 17:49

it works on max 2009, vray sp4!!! thanks to the uploader

Sinh Nguyen posted on 07-07-2010, 02:11

Please reupload crack! Please!!!

Oneshoe posted on 11-07-2010, 11:00

They banned Twoshoes and removed all his comments...

Back in the...Back in the...Back in the USSR boys...Back in the USSR!

waverproblem posted on 15-07-2010, 10:20

Hi there a Lightwave version lurking out there please?

desertwolf posted on 23-12-2010, 01:39

i need Autograss 1.0.3 for vray 2.0 ???

fathi_82 posted on 25-03-2011, 14:45

Filesonic link,

esanti posted on 25-03-2011, 14:47

if you have Autograss 1.0.3 installers for Vray 2.00.02 , please send me, i do crack for this.

fathi_82 posted on 25-03-2011, 16:52

"if you have Autograss 1.0.3 installers for Vray 2.00.02 , please send me, i do crack for this."

i'm trying to find it

fathi_82 posted on 27-03-2011, 02:52

hey esanti, here's the 1.0.3 working with VRay 2.0 but plz crack it for us

esanti posted on 28-03-2011, 08:46

fathi thank for try, but we need retail installers, demo installers not is good option for crack.

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