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Bluey might be an ordinary bloke, but he’s an extraordinary product because this pack includes just about everything you need for your render. There’s even a stack of poses drinking beer and bludging and being a larrikin.
Bluey will also fit perfectly into any scene where you need an average guy. He has an “everyman” quality that is irresistible and unpretentious.
So don’t leave him sitting around in the Renderosity store – take him home and “crack a coldie” with him - and that’s Aussie for having a beer.

Product Requirements: M4 from Dqaz 3d, PC or Mac. Poser Pro Pack or above or Daz Studio.

Product Features:
1 pair conforming stubbies with the following morphs:
* bodybuilder
* bulk
* emaciated
* heavy
* beerbelly
* superhero
* jeremy
* uneven waistband
* waist smaller
1 pair conforming thongs
1 morphing aussie style hat includes the following morphs:
* front down
* front up
* front and back in
* top up
* top down
* sides in
* scale up
* tip forward
1 beer can with crushed morph
1 rollie cigarette
1 lawn chair
1 shark tooth necklace
1 detailed metal sleeper earring
9 drinking and bludging poses
3 face textures (full beard, goatee and clean shaved)
Arm and chest reptile tattoos
Second skin speedos and board shorts
“Trunk Junk” hip morph
Gens texture
5 eye colors
Ripped and dirty shorts MATs
6 thongs MATs
Daz Sudio Mats fully tested in Daz Studio

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