MediaChance Real-DRAW PRO v5.2.4 | 32.6 MB
Create professional web or multimedia graphics from simple images, buttons, banners to whole interactive web page and rollovers. Real-DRAW Pro happily combine vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing in one drawing package. It seamlessly moves from one form to another, eliminating time-consuming conversion operations and the need for multiple drawing packages. Unlike other graphics packages Real-DRAW PRO offers a fresh new approach for creating graphics. It gives users unlimited creative power with tools you can hardly find in other packages. It gives users unlimited creative power with tools you can hardly find in other packages. Real-Draw Pro is a uniquely versatile application with no limit to the quality and style of output. You can create, for example, realistic 3D drawings using familiar 2D vector tools, airbrush illustrations, Web pages, painted art, photo-realistic imagery, 3D scenes, or photo clone.

New in Real-DRAW PRO 5.0:
# New 5.0 version changes the way you look at a vector-drawn graphics.
Real-Draw PRO is a very competetive tool
It brings features, such as:
* Automatic WYSIWG HTML slicer.
* Unique Push-Back tool for creating interlocked objects
* Boolean operations
* Ability to vectorize painted objects or trace shape from bitmaps
* Fit Text around Path

Changes in Real-DRAW PRO 5.2.4:
* fix for Megarender in Vista/Win7

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